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Pica Eating Disorder v. Pica Disease: Steak

Pica eating disorder is observed commonly observed in pregnant women, children, and those people suffering from developmental disabilities. It is an eating disorder that involves ingesting objects that are not food and does not contain a significant nutritional value. The cause of pica eating disorder is not yet clear, although the physiological, cultural and psychosocial, and sensory of the person is assessed. Pica eating disorder is prevalent in underdeveloped countries.

In a further research, causes of pica suggest that the order is a specific appetite caused by mineral deficiency. It is also been associated with a mental disorder, the obsessive-compulsive spectrum and schizophrenia, however, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV) has recognized pica eating disorder as a mental disorder.

How bad is pica eating disorder?

The persistence of the person to consume substances that are not food and has no nutritional value lasts at least for a month. Typical substances that are eaten are sharp objects (acuphagia), starch (amylophagia), burnt matches (cautopyreiophagia), dust (coprophagia), stones (lithiophagia), mucus (mucophagia), ice (pagophagia), lead (plumbophagia), hair, wool and other fiber substances (trichophagia), urine (urophagia), feces (coprophagia), vomit (emetophagia), blood (hematophagia), raw potatoes (geomelophagia), glass (hyalophagia), dirt, soil, and clay (geophagia), wood, paper, or any derivatives of wood (xylophagia).

These substances when ingested can cause physical obstruction of the intestine (intestinal obstruction or mechanical obstruction), it prevents food and water from passing through the intestines. Bezoars can also happen, it is a lump of indigestible objects trapped in the gastrointestinal tract. It is not different if the person has a hole in the walls of its stomach or intestines, pica causes intestinal perforations. Moreover, pica eating disorder can also cause infections and poisoning, due to the incidence that the person might ingest an object with feces, dirt or heavy metal poisoning.

Learning from the many articles at quitmyeatingdisorder.com the only treatment for pica eating disorder is to correct the mineral or nutritional deficiency of the person and develop an effective behavioral therapy to redirect the attention of the person suffering from pica eating disorder.

Pica Eating Disorder in Steak? No. It’s Pica Disease.

On the other hand, there is a disease found in cattle and livestock, named pica. Pica occurs during a shortage of minerals in the soil, more importantly, if it is the mineral phosphorus or magnesium is lacking in vegetation. Pica can be evident with livestock through persistent licking, chewing or eating wood and soil.

Pica is caused by sporadic events and herd outbreaks. Although the cause is largely unknown, studies suggest that it can be from metabolic disorders, mineral deficiency, and subclinical ketosis, and subclinical acidosis.

Whenever pica disease is manifested by the animal, it must be removed to prevent from spreading to the rest of the group.

Just like with the human pica eating disorder, pica disease in animals can also be prevented by providing extra roughage, supplementing the mineral and nutritional deficiency.

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