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Geophagy: A Special Kind of Pica Eating Disorder

Pica eating disorder is the habit of eating non-food items that usually have no nutritional value. While a lot of children can try non-food items out of curiosity, the condition can have a medical significance. People who suffer from Pica can eat chalk, coal, paint, soap or even animal feces. But the most widely spread […]


How to Tell That Your Child Has Pica

Kids have a wild imagination. They will use everything and anything and make it a game. A lot of kids will use mud to make mud pies or pieces of chalk to pretend that they are cooking. But what if your kid is not just playing with non-food items and is actually eating them? Pica […]


Pica Eating Disorder During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a lot of women experience severe changes in their hormones that affect their bodies. These hormones will affect their mood and can also affect their food cravings. Most women will develop weird food cravings that they wouldn’t normally like. Mixing pickles with deserts is a great example. But when pregnant women start to […]


Pica Eating Disorder v. Pica Disease: Steak

Pica eating disorder is observed commonly observed in pregnant women, children, and those people suffering from developmental disabilities. It is an eating disorder that involves ingesting objects that are not food and does not contain a significant nutritional value. The cause of pica eating disorder is not yet clear, although the physiological, cultural and psychosocial, and […]


Best Ways to Grill a Steak

Cowboy Steak with Coffee and Chili Rub Coffee and beef may be an unusual pair of food, but to perfectly compliment a robust flavor of a steak, an espresso-chili rub is the best. Give the steak a caramelized crust by adding a smoky and spicy flavor. Whole Beef Tenderloin with Cherry Tomato Salsa The garlic, […]